Yorkshire Bespoke Tiller Pins

Yorkshire Bespoke Tiller Pins

Yorkshire Bespoke Tiller PinsYorkshire Bespoke Tiller PinsYorkshire Bespoke Tiller Pins

Welcome to Yorkshire Bespoke Tiller Pins. Please feel free to have a look at our webpage, and our unique tiller pins designs.

About Us


Family Business.

We are a new small family business, which was created in Skipton after a single tiller pin was made as a one off for a special friend. After an overwhelming response from those lovely friends/adopted family in Skipton. We are now operating .  Our Handcrafted tiller pins are made to suit you, different designs are available. Reliable, friendly service. Please send us a message if you have any enquiries. We are willing to help with any further questions. Thank you


Our Tiller Pin Range.

View Range Of Our Tiller Pins In The Menu Shop Link.

Our unique original designs are made incorporating 3 different materials. The pin is made from 8MM Stainless Steel. ( Can be diameter to your needs) 

The body is made from an aluminum base with an interference fit pressed brass centre and an aluminum top. Then hand machined into the required body style. The next process is to fettle the tiller pin body and then it is buffed to a high shine finish. Our designs can be mixed and matched to your liking ie (you may like the top part of the body on one and the bottom part of the body on another) Along with our unique 3 material designs we of course can make the tiller pin bodies from the common single materials. We would always use 316 Stainless for the pin itself.

Handcrafted Tiller Pin With Union Jack Enamel Logo

Enamel Badges.

As you can see from the pictures on our website and facebook page. In several designs we like to use Enamel Badges (Optional). We have had many enquiries reguarding the customers own personal enamel badges. This isn't a problem however please try to stay under the dimentions of 30MM. We realise there are many different shapes to the enamel badges. Please do take into account all our tiller pins are Hand made and unusual shaped logo's/badges will be fitted as suggested via your approval.


Name And Phrase Plates.

Due to popular request we are now able to offer, your boat name or a phrase etc. This will be placed on 27mm metal backing with an enamel/resin material. Which makes it weather proof and UV proof. We have managed to work and find a company that will waver minimum order quantities. This means that the backing design will be standard as on pictures however there are 6 of the most popular fonts and many many colour variations of font and background. 


Due to name plate size at the moment this will only be an available choice on Tiller Pin Zoe and Tiller Pin Wayne.

When checking out could you please add the name of your boat or phrase you would like and the number of lines you would like this on in the special instructions box.


Name And Phrase Plate Colour Chart

Colour chart for name and phrase plate, showing background colours and font colours these are what are only available.

Options for font and background colours are available in the shop for the relevant tillerpin


Realistic Dog Tiller Pins

These are not pot material they are made from a durable material that has been tested through the winter. They are an alternative as we are regularly asked for and can't source brass for particular breeds etc. They come with a Stainless Tiller Pin with an R Clip On A Chain. Please see in The Shop


The Work Shop.

Inside The Work Shop.

The Work Shop is fully kitted out for lathe and milling machine operations. We can undertake small to medium sized engineering tasks and repairs, subject too agreement of the work. The Work Shop is also kitted out to undertake general fabrication work and repairs. Various welding capabilities via different welding disciplines including tig welding aluminium and all other steels as well as tig braising

Tiller Pin Repairs.

We also offer a service to repair your poorly tiller pins. This can be general damage, stripped threads, or just simple TLC your tiller pin may require.


One Off Unique Tiller Pins.

We will be working with and looking to purchase second hand Brass Bric-a-Brac etc. With the intention to make mounts and create tiller pins from them. This may be that you already have an object in mind we would gladly turn into the dream tiller pin you desire. We have already had great experience in creating mounts to suit customers own tiller pin bodies etc. 

Our Business Card.

Our Business Card.


Our website only accepts Paypal payments only. If you do not have paypal, please contact us via our email address below. As we do accept bank transfers but prefer to do this in contact with who we are selling too. Sorry for any inconvience to the people that have tried using the test order payment. This has now been resolved. Many thanks

Contact Us

Please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can contact us using our personal email address - yorkshirebespoketillerpins@gmail.com

Or you can visit our facebook website which is Yorkshire Bespoke Tillerpins.

Workshop Direct

Steve - 07775593852


Open today

07:00 – 20:00

Drop us a line!


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